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Positive Body Image Tips

Be proud of yourself, think of your positive attributes instead of focusing on what you "think" are problem areas.

Realize that true beauty comes from the inside out. Internal beauty is the kind that will last and shine the most. 

Know that not every girl will be a super model, and there are many more non-super models out there than super models!

Surround yourself with friends who think positively about themselves, reach out to someone who might need help with her image.

Get out there girl! Stay active! Even walking can be great exercise, make it a family activity, even mom and dad will thank you....eventually. Try a new sport that challenges your mind and your body.

Practice healthy eating habits, enlist the help of a dietitian if you are concerned, never try fad diets or starve yourself.

Remember there is help if you can't stop negative thoughts about your body, never be ashamed to ask for it. You'd be surprised at the number of girls struggling with the same issues, so reach out, who knows, you may help someone else in the process.

Be proud of who you are, as unique as that may be.