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Q: What is the first step? How do I get started?
A: Read through the Application Process page, Official Rules page and your age division page to see if our program is a good match for you! If so, and we hope so...simply click on your age division page and fill out the online application found at the bottom of the page. City delegates are assigned by our National Director and/or Assistant National Director, you will be notified if you are selected. City Queen selections are made usually within 24 hours of application. There are NO application fees. If you are selected to represent your city, you will be notified. 
Q: What will being a title holder do for me, I mean, can't I be involved in my community without wearing a sash or a tiara?
A: Of course you can, however as a title holder you are given much more recognition and notoriety to launch your ideas into action. Title holders are often asked to participate in parades, ribbon cutting ceremonies, opening day events, fund-raisers, and other public events, giving a title holder many opportunities to meet new people, spread her ideas of community involvement, not to mention do some pretty neat things while holding her title.  This is also a GREAT way to build confidence as you represent your city, state and/or nation, and to network to build a resume.
Q: How are State and National Queens selected?
A. We send all local title holders information regarding their next level of competition in advance so they have plenty of time to apply for their next level title. Every city queen has the option to apply for her state's queen title in June. Judging is not based on outter beauty, but instead by how much each city queen got involved in her hometown. Activities, such as food drives, clothing drives, appearances at hometown festivals, and volunteering all count in the competition. Delegates will send in activity logs and their applications prior to the June queen selections and all judging will be based on those materials submitted. National Queens will be selected each March  with selections being based on activity logs sent in by all reigning state queens who wish to be considered for their division's national title. There are NO application fees states OR nationals, however if an applicant IS selected as state queen/or national queen in her division, to accept the title, she will be required to purchase her state sash for her appearances as state queen.                                     
Q:  OK, I really don't understand, what exactly IS a mail-in pageant system anyway? 

A: We are a mail in program, all of our judging takes place at our headquarters.  Our state AND national winner selections are based on community involvement participation. Local delegates will keep track of their activities, volunteer work, food drive participation, appearances at local events, parades, festivals, etc.etc. and send in a list of these activities. Judging will be based on activities participated in, not outer beauty.We are looking for delegates who really made an effort to better their communities. Delegates need to be creative when finding their activities and select those that will make a difference and inspire others to give back.
Q:  So, what is the benefit of a mail-in system vs. a traditional pageant?

A:  Mail-in systems are changing the pageant world, and making programs more accessible to those who would not have the opportunity due to financial limitations, travel expenses and of course the extraordinary expenses that come with a traditional programs.  We urge you to look around to find the best program for yourself or your daughter. Please choose wisely while selecting any mail-in system you'd like to enter.

Q: How do MY GIRL U.S.A/America's Leading Edge Woman, Teen, Pre-Teen fees compare to other mail-in programs?
A: There are other great mail-in systems but we urge parents to search with caution. We have heard complaints about other systems ranging from advertised low pricing then hidden or major add-on costs to awards not being the quality expected to the pageant not returning emails or answering questions in a timely manner.  We  are very up front with our pricing. We want our pageant to be accessible to every girl who wants this opportunity. We have searched to find the best quality sashes/tiaras, because we'd never put our name on anything that isn't good enough for our valued delegates. We stay in touch with our contestants and are here to answer questions that may arise as quickly as they come in. 

Q: My sister and I BOTH want to enter, how would this work?
A: Well, this will be very easy if you are in two different age categories. However, if you are competing for the same title, one of you may pick a city or county where you live, the other, where you attend church, or school, or any surrounding city where you spend a significant amount of time. We are very lenient when it comes to residency, and we work with our military families if they relocate during their child's reign. See the rules page for more information on residency requirements. OH and remember we offer discounts when girls apply together regardless of which city or state they are seeking to represent.  We have several mommy/daughter  and sister duos involved in our pageant it's a great family bonding experience.
Q: If I am selected, why do I only have 24 hours to accept the title?
Often in larger cities, we will have several applicants for a single spot and it's truly unfair to have several other children/families who want to get involved miss out as the spot is left undecided by the applicant's parents/applicant. We only select ONE delegate per division, per city/and or county. Our rules are the same for every city, large or small.
Q: What are the costs and how are they paid.
A: There are NO application fees. If you are selected to represent your city you are only required to purchase your very reasonably priced appearance sash which is required for all participants. We also have tiaras available however, tiaras are not required. There is also no fee to apply for states or nationals, if you are selected you, again would only be required to purchase your state/national sash if you choose to accept the title. As far purchasing your sash, we only use PayPal because it is safest for our participants and our pageant. It is very easy to set up a PayPal account. Through PayPal you can use a major credit card of choice and/or your checking information. If you have questions about it, just let us know. Please don't let that stop you from applying.