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So, how does this work?

1- Read through the website to find out: What our program is about and decide if it's a good match for you. Also be sure to read through the Official Rules page, your age division page and check out the photos of our title holders  in action to get an idea of what our delegates have taken part in. Email us with any questions you may have BEFORE YOU APPLY. We also encourage you to compare us with other similar programs, we want to be a good match for our delegates.
2- If you would like to be considered for your city title submit the online application found on your division page.  We do ask that ONLY serious applicants apply.  It takes a lot of staff time to sort through applications, and if we are going to keep our "no application fee" policy and our costs low for participants, we prefer that only serious candidates apply.
3- Our National Director and/or Assistant National director will review all applications, usually within 24 hours.  City delegates are assigned by the National Director and/or Assistant National Director based on information provided on the application.
4-If you or your child is selected to represent your city, we will notify you via email usually within 24 hours of reviewing your application. If you do not hear back from us within that time, please don't hesitate to contact us, we welcome follow ups.
5- If selected, YOU MUST notify us within 24 hours of your intentions to accept the title and to let us know which sash package you would like to order for you/your daughter's appearances. Due to the popularity of our program if you do not respond, we reserve the right to select an alternate child for the city title if we do not hear back from you within 24 hours time. We only select ONE delegate per division, per city/and or county so we don't want to keep the opportunity from an interested applicant if you are no longer interested. We felt this was the most fair way to ensure that all those that want to participate will have the opportunity if available. 
official sashes ARE required for participation, tiaras are optional.  Once you inform us as to which sash package you would like for your appearances, we will send an invoice through PayPal. We only accept PayPal for their outstanding service, and transaction security for our delegates and our pageant. PayPal is a free service for our delegates to use, we pay all fees for utilizing the service.
6-  Normal turn around for sash customization is @ 3 weeks. Once your tiara and sash are back from customization, we will email you to let you know we are shipping your items which will usually only take 3-4 days from here.  Please do not schedule ANY events until you have received your items, or at least the email with your shipping notice. We will send via email, a printable informational pack when we ship your sash, that gives great tips on making appearances, appearance safety, announcing your title, finding contact information for parades, community events and guidelines for submitting your photo for use on our website.
7- HAVE FUN! Get out there and get involved! Keep a good journal of your activities that you will need to turn in for state queen selections, which are held each June. Email us with updates, we'd love to post them on our website to inspire visitors and other delegates! We welcome updates and pictures, and we even have a Queen's Spotlight section to highlight each of our delegates who are making a difference.
8- State and National Level Competition...How are State Queens and National Queens Selected?
We send all local title holders information regarding their next level of competition in advance so they have plenty of time to apply for their next level title. Every city queen has the option to apply for her state's queen title in June. Judging is not based on outer beauty, but instead by how much each city queen got involved in her hometown. Activities, such as food drives, clothing drives, appearances at hometown festivals, and volunteering all count in the competition. Delegates will send in activity logs and their applications prior to the June queen selections and all judging will be based on those materials submitted. National Queens will be selected each March  with selections being based on activity logs sent in by all reigning state queens who wish to be considered for their division's national title. There are NO application fees states OR nationals, however if an applicant IS selected as state queen/or national queen in her division, to accept the title, she will be required to purchase her state sash for her appearances as state queen.  We are looking for delegates who really made an effort to better their communities. Delegates need to be creative when finding their activities and select those that will make a difference and inspire others to give back.
9- Enjoy this experience, know that every minute of your time that you give to your community means so much to those around you!