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Our Program's Purpose
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Our Program's Goals,
                 Our Program's Purpose
Our goal was to create a fun and exciting competition that would recognize beauty from the inside and most importantly, encourage a passion for community involvement from a very young age. Delegates are expected to make appearances and volunteer in their communities as a positive representative, inspiring others to make a difference. Our state queens and national queens are selected based on their commitment to their home cities and not based on traditional "pageant criteria" such as thousand dollar dresses and which contestant has the best make-up and hair or who can sell the most ads.
We believe that no girl or woman should miss out on the opportunity to take part in a fun pageant competition because of her financial status.  We urge all of our potential delegates to shop around before applying. Our pageant is not only the most economical of it's kind, but also one that was created with a purpose; to recognize, reward and continually encourage young girls and women to become positive role models in their communities. 
In today's society where outward appearance is so important, many young women struggle with eating disorders, we have an entire page on our website dedicated to encouraging positive body image, healthy eating habits and realistic, safe physical activity ideas. It's easy to see from viewing our website that our delegates are all different, shapes and sizes. True and lasting beauty comes from within. 
Women of all ages and ability are welcome in our competition. We believe you are never too old or too young to make a difference. We have a division for every woman.  Even our Baby Miss and Toddler Miss delegates are out with their families, making appearances at food, clothing drives and other activities such as benefit walks. These activities encourage the entire family to get out and get involved! We believe that if a child grows up giving back, they will become excellent role models and pass down their passion for the community!
Pick up any magazine or turn on the television and it can be difficult find quality, wholesome role models for our young daughters. So one of our goals is to select delegates in our older divisions that are of strong moral character to set positive examples and to encourage younger women to pass down compassion for community, self confidence and good decision making.

All of our delegates are offered an opportunity to shine and inspire others on our "Queen's Spotlight" section that is open to all delegates to share their unique stories and community involvement activities. Each delegate may submit a write up to showcase her achievements, and to share ideas to inspire both visitors to our site AND her fellow delegates. We are so proud of our delegates and love to highlight their hard work. 

Again, we encourage parents, and all applicants to compare us with other systems to find out if our program is a good match for your needs.
We look forward to hearing from you!