2019  Liberty Tiara

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              *Miss Little Lady Liberty 2019*
                     *Miss Lady Liberty 2019*
                  *Ms./Mrs. Lady Liberty 2019*
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My Girl U.S.A. Pageants is accepting applications for our 10th annual Miss Little Lady Liberty & Miss Lady Liberty competition in effort to share an appreciation of what it means to be an American and to encourage participants to acknowledge and thank our troops, veterans, firefighters, and police officers who have given and continue to give so much for our country.

EVERY participant will receive a Miss Little Lady Liberty 2019 (ages 0-11)  Miss Lady Liberty (ages 12 and up), or a "Ms./Mrs. Lady Liberty (Ms.-ages 28 and up, Mrs.-married), sash AND a beautiful 3" high patriotic tiara for her appearances.  Each delegate will be expected to make an extra special effort to thank our troops, veterans  for all that they give and have given to make our country safe and free!

Each delegate will come up with unique ideas such as writing thank you letters to the troops, attending patriotic community events, baking cookies for the local fire department,volunteering with organizations that support our troops, veterans and local heroes. Be creative! We will feature each delegate and her activities on our Facebook page and website.

Each delegate will submit the following for the judging:
1. Log/journal/or list of activities that showed support and thanks to our U.S. troops and veterans and local heroes.

2. Patriotic photo of the each delegate in her sash and tiara

All photos and list of activities will be due on July 2, 2019 5pm EST. The delegates with the most dedication, creativity and patriotic activities will be crowned our 2019 Miss Little Lady Liberty, Miss or Ms./Mrs. Lady Liberty National Grand Supreme Queens.

Our winners will be announced on the 4th of July, 2019!

We will also select a Miss Little Lady Liberty, Miss and  Ms./Mrs. Lady Liberty National Queen and National Princess in each division and a National Photo Queen in each division.

All National Grand Supremes, National Queens and National Photo Queens will receive a patriotic trophy and medallion! National Princesses will receive a medallion. Grand Supremes in each division will also receive a rosette pin.

Participation fee is $79 + $8.95 shipping. EVERY delegate will receive a satin trimmed "Miss Little Lady Liberty," "Miss Lady Liberty," or  "Ms. or Mrs. Lady Liberty" sash and spectacular 3" high patriotic tiara as pictured below!  

*Ms. and Mrs. will be a combined division for the competition however sashes will read Ms. or Mrs, accordingly.*

2018 National Grand Supreme Liberty Queens and National Liberty Queens (except photo queens) may not compete in this year's competition. They are eligible to compete again in the 2020 Liberty Competition.