My Girl U.S.A.'s 10th Annual

    Little Miss Shamrock and Miss Shamrock                              Competition

Every participant receives a 2020 Little Miss, Miss, Ms./Mrs. Shamrock sash and tiara for her hometown appearances!

My Girl U.S.A. Pageants is proud to announce our 2020 "Little Miss Shamrock" and "Miss, Ms./Mrs. Shamrock" competition in effort to spread extra St. Patrick's Day cheer and promote community involvement.

Each delegate will be expected to come up with and participate in fun and unique community enriching St. Patrick's Day themed activities to make a positive difference in her hometown and most importantly inspire others to follow her example.  Competition runs from Feb 1, 2020 - March 16, 2020

On March 17, 2020 the one contestant in each division with the most community enriching activities will be selected as "Little Miss Shamrock National Grand Supreme Queen" and "Miss Shamrock National Grand Supreme Queen"  We will also select a "Ms./Mrs. Shamrock National Grand Supreme Queen."  

All National Grand Supreme Queens will win a trophy, medallion and rosette sash pin!  We will also award a trophy to our "Little Miss Shamrock National Queen", "Miss Shamrock National Queen" and our "Ms./Mrs. Shamrock National Queen."  Princesses will be selected in each division and will receive a medallion.  

In addition, we will select ONE Little Miss (or Miss, Ms./Mrs) Shamrock National Photogenic Queen. Our National Photogenic Queen will be the delegate that submits the photo that best embraces the theme of St. Patrick's Day.  The delegate MUST be wearing her sash and tiara in the photo. Photos do NOT need to be professional. Snap shots are just fine!   

All delegates MUST submit a list of activities and photos of each activity by 5pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME on March 16, 2020! No exceptions! Please send photo that you'd like to use for our photogentic competition in a separate email. 

Sashes and tiaras must be worn during activities to receive credit.  We do make tiara exceptions for our younger participants that may not like wearing them, however sashes must be worn for activity credit.

Participation fee is $79.95 + $8.95 shipping which covers the cost of each delegate's satin trimmed sash and tiara. 

We hope you'll apply today!