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2018 Pumpkin Patch Princess Tiara 

Pumpkin Patch Princess 2018 Application

                       My Girl U.S.A. Pageants is proud to announce our 9th annual

                               Pumpkin Patch Princess 

                   National Competition!

Open to girls ages 0-12

Know the sweetest little pumpkin who is always eager to help? Fall is almost here and there are so many great opportunities to get involved! Baking pumpkin shaped cookies for the elderly, helping a neighbor rake leaves, collecting clothes to donate to the local shelter, you name creative!
********EVERY PARTICIPANT will receive an adorable Pumpkin Patch Princess sash and tiara to wear at her events and appearances************

All delegates will be featured on our social media page and website.

The one delegate who participated in the most creative fall themed activities to make a difference in her community will win the title of our 2018:

National Pumpkin Patch Grand Supreme Queen 2018
She will receive a prize package to include:
National Pumpkin Patch Grand Supreme Sash
Queen Tiara

We will also be awarding the following titles and prize packages:

Pumpkin Patch National Queen 2018
Prize Package will include:
National Pumpkin Patch National Queen Sash

Pumpkin Patch National Princess 2018
Prize Package will include:
National Pumpkin Patch Princess Sash


There will also be two photogenic winners for the most creative fall themed photo:

Pumpkin Patch National Photo Queen
Pumpkin Patch National Photo Princess 

Photogenic winners will receive a medallion and Most Photogenic button pin

**************************************************************************************************Delegates must be in their official sashes and tiaras for all activities and photos submitted. Tiara exceptions are made for the younger delegates who don't always wish to wear tiaras :)**

Judging will be based on:
1- Activity list submitted by each delegate 
2- Photo of each Pumpkin Patch Princess in her sash/tiara

Photo entries will be judged based on the the sincerity and creativity of the photo submitted, not the beauty of the child

Participation fee is $69.95 plus $6.95 shipping. Only ONE Pumpkin Patch Princess per city/county so apply now! Activity logs/lists and photos are due by October 29, 2018 by 5pm EST. Pumpkin Patch National Winners will be announced on October 30, 2018.