-All participants in pageant must be born female.

-Every city and county in each state can be represented, however, there will only be ONE delegate per division/per city -or county/state per pageant year.

-Participant may represent any city where she lives, works, attends school, church, spends significant time, or has extended family. This requirement is the same for the state level as well. Participants who are in military families can represent their home city/state or any city/state where significant time is spent or where she has extended family. Military/relocating city delegates may apply for a state title in their current state. Did we mention we appreciate our military families? Thank you for your service!

-A participant must hold a city title to participate in state queen selections, and a state title to participate in national queen selections.

-Delegates may move up a division at state and national levels if they meet age guidelines of the next division, or move from Miss/Ms. to Mrs., if they marry.

-Participants are not required to advance to the state level or the national level of the competition if they choose not to, these are separate competitions.  There are no application fees for any levels, but to accept a title on each level (if selected,) a sash purchase is required for appearances as an official delegate. Tiaras are NOT required; however, only official tiaras purchased through our program may be worn with our sashes. Delegates may wear ANY official My Girl U.S.A./America's Leading Edge Miss tiara with any My Girl U.S.A./America's Leading Edge Miss sash.  

 -Optional Mini Pageants will be held throughout the year (Miss Hometown Holiday, Miss Shamrock, Miss Little Lady Liberty, Pumpkin Patch Princess etc.) These are open to both title holders and non title holders.

-Any delegate who falsifies information will be disqualified from the competition with no refunds of any kind.

-Delegates may not wear their sashes while smoking, vaping, consuming alcoholic beverages.

- While wearing their appearance sashes, delegates must select outfits to reflect professionalism and high moral character. Stay classy!

-Sashes may not be worn with bathing suits in any division

-Delegates must be wearing their official sash in any and all pictures submitted for use on the website and social media

-Sashes must be worn during all events where a delegate is representing her title. (Exception: if delegate is participating in an event that could cause damage to her sash for example: paint run, trash pick-up, etc.)

-Delegates participate at their own risk

-All fees are non-refundable

-Delegates are responsible for coordinating all of their appearances, volunteer work, etc..  We will give pointers in our welcome letter and again, and remind our delegates to check the Spotlight Queen page/and our Facebook page to gather ideas from their fellow reigning queens! We encourage our delegates to be creative, be a good example and to most importantly BE SAFE when choosing their volunteer work and appearances!

-Delegates have no restrictions on participation in other pageant systems during their reigns, however, a participant will only get state/national queen application credit for activities and appearances made for our system, wearing our official sash.

-All state title holders may apply for National queen selections which are held in March of each year.

- Sash dates: The pageant year runs from June-June. The current pageant year will be printed on the hip of a delegate’s sash, example: 2017-2018. Sashes printed after Oct. 1 during the pageant year, will only have the 2nd half of the pageant year (2018) printed on the hip of the sash. This is our policy so that sashes do not appear to be out of date. However, all delegates selected from June-June, will be part of the same pageant year. National reigns last from March-March.

If there is not an eligible city delegate within a division to accept a state title on or after state queen selection dates, state titles may be applied for on an at-large basis.  

-Bullying of any kind within our competition will not be tolerated. This extends to families and friends of participants.  If any delegate (or friend /family member of the delegate) makes defamatory, unkind, hurtful, or vulgar comments to, or about another delegate, directors, volunteers, or judges, she will be disqualified with no refunds.  Our system was built on kindness, compassion, fairness, and positivity, and we promise to work hard to keep it that way.

                 "Passion for community. Beauty from within."



Official Rules